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Shi Fang Yuan Inc. was founded in 2005. With the Buddha’s spirit of unconditional empathy as well as in hope of bringing the concepts of diet regimen and merit accumulation to the general public, Founding Abbott, Master Sheng Hua, started making a series of healthy bread and steamed buns, personally leading her nuns to sell these nutritious food products for charity on streets and at MRT stations.


Based on the concept of diet regimen and with the aim to promote it, S.F.Y takes healthy, nutritious and burden-free vegan regimen as the priority in our food production development. From stringent ingredient selection, we insist on natural fermentation and not using additives, preservatives, softeners or any bread improvers. Our food products are low in fat, sugar, and salt throughout the entire production process, offering you easy-to-digest food with solid tastes and textures.


In line with the concept of a healthy regimen and love of life, we launched our Antrodia cinnamomea product line in 2009 in collaboration with professional Antrodia camphorata nurseries and professional cGMP drug manufacturers. During the cultivation and production of Antrodia cinnamomea,  we adhere to our traditional core value of S.F.Y food development by ensuring that our ingredients are pure and free from any dilution, so that you can enjoy a healthy life.


S.F.Y maintains our company’s core value by continuing with our Putuoshan Temple charity sale of baked food and with various fundraising events, emergency relief and summer camp activities held by Minghua Buddhist Association. “Shi Fang” means to reach and also receive from every corner of the world. We will fulfill our corporate responsibility and contribute the donations we raise from all over the world back to society. With our sustainable management, S.F.Y hopes to bring our tasty and healthy food and good will to all corners of the world.




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